Today in Grupo Arnedo

The Arnedo Group acquires 10 trucks Scania

Arnedo Logistic Group has added to its fleet 10 trucks Scania Euro 6, control system equipped with GPRS fleet.

The transport company has implemented an environmental management system following the UNE-EN ISO 14001: 2004, for which the ability to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is a factor to consider when purchasing vehicles.

The Arnedo Group has a pine plantation to contribute to reducing the environmental impact of CO2 emissions of its fleet. For each of the truck fleet plant 100 trees each year.

The CETM, contrary to new charges on roads

Once again, the Spanish Confederation of Goods Transport, CETM, has had to leave the fray to express their absolute rejection of the imposition of new charges on roads.

On this occasion, was the proposal by the President of the Spanish Road Association (AEC), Juan Francisco Lazcano, charge a new fee on all Spanish roads, as declared by the newspaper El Vigia.

In the view of the Spanish Confederation of Goods Transport, the measure is concerned, “it clearly favors the interests of certain sectors, focusing on a negatively disproportionately on transport of goods by road sector, which provides an inescapable service for society, industry and commerce, transporting more quickly and efficiently so 85% of the products we consume every day, which positions it as a key to economic and social development of Spain “.

Moreover, the CETM considers that the introduction of new tolls would entail immediate harmful effects on the competitiveness of the entire Spanish economy, “by unnecessarily increasing the price of all products, negatively affecting both producers, which would increase their costs , and end consumers by reducing their purchasing power, making it difficult, ultimately, changing economic cycle in which we live and the final output of the crisis “.

Finally, the Confederation states that “from the sector of freight defend proper maintenance of roads, now insufficient day, but the level of taxation of transport is surplus resulting from the specific taxation of mineral oils, which should be devoted to this to maintenance and road maintenance. In fact, Mr. Lazcano recognized in those statements, that the transport sector has a very strong tax “.

Almacén de Tarragona de Grupo Arnedo

The Arnedo Group buys a plot in Santa Oliva (Tarragona)

The Arnedo Group has bought a plot of 100,000 square meters in Santa Oliva, in an operation that reinforces the group’s position in Catalonia, the company reports.

The new facilities include 37,000 square meters and formerly a logistics platform of the supermarket chain Intermarche.

The Group classifies Arnedo Catalonia as a “logistics hub of highest national importance” and purchase passes to reinforce this strategic area.

Arnedo Group has 300,000 square meters of logistics facilities between Santa Oliva, Agoncillo (Calahorra); El Villar de Arnedo and Pradejón (La Rioja) and Dos Hermanas (Sevilla).

The company claims that its stores are equipped with advanced technology to allow total control of traceability throughout the supply chain.

Arnedo Group closed the acquisition of the Tarragona facilities a year marked by an investment effort, also in the vehicle fleet, which has increased 30% this year.

Almacén de Dos Hermanas

Arnedo group has a new store in Sevilla

The operator of integrated logistics solutions, warehousing, transportation and distribution of goods has acquired a building in the Industrial Park Road Island Dos Hermanas (Sevilla), to expand its storage area.

The store has an area of ​​68,000 m2, of which 24,000m2 are built. The property was formerly the logistics platform in Seville supermarket chain DIA.

With the acquisition of this property, the Arnedo Group strengthens its position in southern Spain since since 2011 has another ship, 15,000 m2, in the same polygon of Dos Hermanas.

The Group is also present in other parts of the Spanish geography as El Villar de Arnedo, Calahorra, Agoncillo (La Rioja) or Sant Boi de Llobregat, with more than 250,000m2 dedicated to storage and distribution.

Flota de camiones de Grupo arnedo en la Ecociudad

Group Arnedo opens in El Villar and the eco-city transport Pradejón

For its strategic location in northern Spain, for its privileged connections and the ties that bind the Arnedo Group both El Villar de Arnedo as Pradejón, the foot of the N-232 was chosen for this riojana company to raise transport Ecociudad, some facilities with a total area of 850,000 square meters and seek to become a national leader in the field of logistics and transport.

The company, which currently has a total of 150 own trucks and 80 independent carriers who collaborate with them, yesterday inaugurated the facilities with the presence of regional president, Pedro Sanz; President of Parliament, José Ignacio Ceniceros; the Minister of Industry, Javier Erro and the mayors of the municipalities where the company is located, Oscar Leon and Jesus Pedro Espinosa.

Javier Arnedo, managing director of the group, was commissioned to explain the project and accompany the tour of the facility. The initiative "will, in addition to improving road communications, access business environment to foreign markets and growth of business activity that will generate new jobs and, ultimately, the enhancement of a more competitive economy for our region, "said Pedro Sanz.

The facility already built has a floor space of 25,000 square meters and an annex land of the same size to make a ship similar in the future. Paradigm storage facilities in Spain, is built under exigent functionality and safety parameters in compliance with the rules not only European but also American. The company also has 180,000 square meters of surface between Logroño and Calahorra, 4,000 more than in Barcelona and 20,000 in Seville.