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The CETM, contrary to new charges on roads

Once again, the Spanish Confederation of Goods Transport, CETM, has had to leave the fray to express their absolute rejection of the imposition of new charges on roads.

On this occasion, was the proposal by the President of the Spanish Road Association (AEC), Juan Francisco Lazcano, charge a new fee on all Spanish roads, as declared by the newspaper El Vigia.

In the view of the Spanish Confederation of Goods Transport, the measure is concerned, “it clearly favors the interests of certain sectors, focusing on a negatively disproportionately on transport of goods by road sector, which provides an inescapable service for society, industry and commerce, transporting more quickly and efficiently so 85% of the products we consume every day, which positions it as a key to economic and social development of Spain “.

Moreover, the CETM considers that the introduction of new tolls would entail immediate harmful effects on the competitiveness of the entire Spanish economy, “by unnecessarily increasing the price of all products, negatively affecting both producers, which would increase their costs , and end consumers by reducing their purchasing power, making it difficult, ultimately, changing economic cycle in which we live and the final output of the crisis “.

Finally, the Confederation states that “from the sector of freight defend proper maintenance of roads, now insufficient day, but the level of taxation of transport is surplus resulting from the specific taxation of mineral oils, which should be devoted to this to maintenance and road maintenance. In fact, Mr. Lazcano recognized in those statements, that the transport sector has a very strong tax “.